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The Monsters Ball

[|- Listening to Kid Cudi - I Poke Her Face (feat. Kanye West x Common) -|]

Here's the quick rundown: Back in June, Kanye West & Lady Gaga planned to tour together which was supposed to be the "hottest ticket in town." Notice I said "was." The tour wa canceled by October 1. Less than two weeks later, she found a replacement, Cleveland rookie rapper Kid Cudi.

The enigmatic Gaga and the Kid from Ohio will kick off a tour of their own beginnning the day after Thanksgiving (Nov. 26) in Montreal.

"We need a board..."

Courtesy of: xclusivetrax.com via Hot 97

The above is a 2006 radio interview of rapper Jay-Z conducted by DJ Funkmaster Flex of Hot 97. During the interview, Jay-Z brings up a opinion that, perhaps, the hip-hop artist community would benefit from having a board of directors comprised of new artist, veterans, and "regular guys from the street."

Sign me up.


The Warm Up...

:: Listening to J. Cole - Grown Simba ::

Readers, allow me to introduce to you J Cole. Hailing from Fayetteville, NC, he's the first signing to imperial MC Jay-Z's Roc Nation label. Since signing, the eyes of the hip-hop nation have been on Cole. Is he Hov's next Beanie Sigel or Aztek? Hip-hop fans want to know if Jay found a true diamond in the rough or a lump of coal he'll squeeze hoping to make a diamond.

Well, Mr. Cole sophomore mixtape, The Warm Up, shows why Mr. Carter took a liking to young Jermaine. His freestyles over such beats as "Dead Presidents II" and "Drive Slow" shows how hungry the young man is. He aggressively attacks each beat with witty punchlines, an overt braggadocio, mixed with a thoughtfulness that has some calling him the Rookie of the Year.


Wait... DJ, bring it back....

:: Mood Muzik: Slaughterhouse - Microphone ::

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