"We need a board..."

Courtesy of: xclusivetrax.com via Hot 97

The above is a 2006 radio interview of rapper Jay-Z conducted by DJ Funkmaster Flex of Hot 97. During the interview, Jay-Z brings up a opinion that, perhaps, the hip-hop artist community would benefit from having a board of directors comprised of new artist, veterans, and "regular guys from the street."

Sign me up.

After vacillating over Jay's proposition, I'm fully behind it. The board would approve/disapprove certain moves being made by artists toward other artists based on the merits of both parties. In plain english, a bum like Jim Jones (no People's Temple) won't shouldn't be able to make diss records about an accomplished artist like Jay-Z. None of Jones' 4 albums have sold more than 500,000 records, while Jay-Z's latest opus, Blueprint 3, has sold over 1 million copies. BP3 is Jay's 11th solo album and they all have reached, at least, the million copy mark. Oh, and let's not forget the 9 Grammy Awards.

Jim, stay in your lane.

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